Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mod Lacquer - Paranormal Paradise

Last month the Indie Brand Mod Lacquer posted on their Instagram page that they were looking for swatchers, and of course I was interested. Jennifer, the creator of Mod Lacquer, makes the most amazing holographic nail polishes I've ever seen, but she also makes a ton of unique super sparkly glitter combinations. It's a 3 free hand blended nail polish brand.

I received three nail polishes to try out: High Strangeness, Aerial Phenomenon and Paranormal Paradise.

I decided to dedicate a different blog post to each nail polish, since I took about 100 photos of each of them.....


The third polish is this glitter bomb called Paranormal Paradise. This is a multi-size, multicolour holographic glitter polish in a clear base with large holographic circles in various colours.... I took that directly off of Mod Lacquers Etsy description... there is so much in this polish!!

The base keeps the glitter suspended so little to no settling occurs.
Here is my description of what I can see: it has teeeeeeny tiny little silver holographic dust glitter, some slightly larger micro glitters in pink and blue. Some slightly larger green holographic hex glitter, and even larger pink holographic hex glitter, and then some super large circle holographic glitter in various different colours.


The photo to the right shows the same large holographic circular glitter in different angles.

I used one coat of Paranormal Paradise for all the photos. All the glitters were easy to get out, apart from the large holographic circles, I kind of had to fish them out and place them on my nail.

I love how the glitters look over different bases. I think the dark blue and the pink look the best!

The mini's retail for only $4 (US) and the full size polishes cost $11(US). Luckily for us UK girls, Mod Lacquer ships internationally! 

Mod Lacquers new Fall/Autumn collection The World's Fair will be released on Friday September 19th at 9 PM EST! 

What do you think of this glitter bomb? Check out Mod Lacquers Etsy for more glitters and holograph nail polishes!

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