Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nautical Mani Swap

I did a maniswap with the super talented and nautical nail art genius @xnailsbymiri on Instagram. I'm a huge fan of her nail art, and this design really caught my eye!

She decided to recreate my aztec chevron nail art design.

I used OPI Alpine Snow, I Saw.... Warsaw, Red Lights Ahead... Where?, caviar beads I received free in a magazine, nail striping tape and a matte top coat.

I started off painting my pinky and index finger white, my ring finger blue and my middle finger red. When the blue polish was still wet I applied the caviar beads into the shape of an anchor. I used tweezer to apply the beads.

Once I finished with the anchor I applied nail striping tape to my index and pinky and painted the blue. I then removed the tape and reapplied clean tape. I finished them off with a matte top coat.

For my middle finger I used regular tape to cover up the bottom of the nail and used striping tape for the top bit of my nail. I painted over it with white. I carefully removed all the tape, and then applied new striping tape in the shape of the triangle.

Does that even all make sense?? Sometimes it's more difficult to write about how I create it..

Anyway, I'm really happy with how they turned out, but they definitely aren't anywhere near as amazing as the original!

xx Elaine

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