Saturday, 20 September 2014

Claire's Fabulous

After being so impressed with my haul from Claires a little while ago, I went back and bought this beautiful glittery polish called Fabulous. It definitely is fabulous, especially as a glitter gradient!

Fabulous consists of tiny micro glitter in gold and red, larger pink hex glitter and golden square glitter. All in a clear base.

I used OPI Steady As She Rose as the base, and I love the colour combo! It's so girly and festive, yet elegant, even though it's a glitter combo!

Gradients are my favourite type of nail art, both with cremes and glitters. it's so easy to do!

Although I didn't put a coat of the polish straight onto my nail, I know there are no problems with glitter placement. For the gradient I brush one stroke onto a sponge and just dab it up and down. I didn't have to fish any specific glitters out, it was really dense and there was a ton of glitter on my sponge.

What do you think of the Claire's nail polishes? Will you by trying them out?
xx Elaine

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  1. This is really pretty! I recently bought Fabulous on clearance here, but I haven't used it yet. It looks great as a gradient.