Thursday, 18 September 2014

Floral Bestie Twin Nails

I decided to do Bestie Twin Nails with on of my friends on Instagram. Bestie Twin nails basically means that you and a friend decide on a design and both create it at the same time! Put it in a collage and post it on instagram.

We decided to recreate this design by @adelislebron, and it was so much more difficult that I originally thought it was going to be!

I started off painting my nails with Barry M Guava, it's one of my all time favourite Barry M's, but I don't really wear it enough. I then used Alpine Snow by OPI to paint the shapes of the flowers an used my Barry M Nail art pen to draw the outline.

I then used a whole bunch of colours to colour in the design. I finished it off by using a mattifying top coat. I'm not sure why but I preferred it matte!

xx Elaine

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