Friday, 1 May 2015

Kings Day Manicures!

King's Day in Holland has just passed and I've been busy creating 3 different designs for the occasion. I'm currently living in the UK so unfortunately I didn't celebrate.

The Dutch flag has Red, White and Blue, however the colour that symbolises Holland is Orange.

I also used a few OPI colours from the OPI Holland Collection.

The first design I created is this super easy dotticure. I used OPI A Roll In The Hague for my index and middle fingers and the very appropriately named King from Fun Lacquer on my pinky. I used Cream In My Coffee, again from OPI as the creamy white base and Big Apple Red and Keeping Suzi At Bay for the dots.

It's super easy, but I love the way it turned out!

The second manicure I did was a little less bright.

I used a much more muted orange OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-Go and applied some heart studs from H&M. Again I used King from Fun Lacquer on my index finger and Cream In My Coffee from OPI as the creamy base. From the flag I used OPI Red Lights Ahead... Where? From the Holland Collection and No Room For The Blues. I used King in the middle.

Again super easy to do, I just used some striping tape!

Lastly I created this fun floral design.

I used Cream In My Coffee as the base and used a dotting tool do apply flowers. I used OPI Red Lights Ahead Where and No Room For The Blues.

I then used Nails Inc Wembley for the golden centre of the flowers. The random polka dots are Where Did Suzi's Man-Go from OPI.

I hope everyone had a great King's Day. What did you think of these mani's? Which one is your favourite?
xx Elaine

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