Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Yes Love Swatch & Review (part 1)

I discovered the brand Yes Love through instagram and thought they were gorgeous polishes. After a bit of research I found that they are only €2 each! I believe Yes Love is a Portuguese brand, but I ended up purchasing from eBay (from a Portuguese seller). I bought a set of 6 polishes for only £9.95 and free shipping!!

I have the first 4 to show you today.

They're all crelly polishes with neon hex glitter. It's a very indie thing to do so seeing these types of polishes from a mainstream brand is very exciting. Especially for being so affordable!

The bottles come with a full off cap, which I accidentally discovered when I thought I broke the bottle.

First up is the white base. Unfortunately they don't have names, just codes. This is G11-5.

I swatched this over Barry M Cotton, a white polish. I'm not sure whether these would be opaque on their own, but decided it would be easier to just layer them over similar colours.

It contains 2 sizes of hex glitter in purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.

I used 2 coats for the swatch (over 1 coat of Cotton).

It would have been fine with just 1 coat over a white base, but I wanted to add a bit of depth to the polish.

It looks like a party on my nails. The matte glitter is so bright and it really pops on the white base.

It was very easy to get the glitter on my brush.

Next is G11-4, the pink polish.

I thought this would be my favourite, but it actually turned out to be my least favourite of the 4.

It's a light but bright pink base and has purple, orange, yellow and green matte hex glitter in 2 sizes.

I don't think the colours of the glitter really match with the pink base.

I used 2 coats over 2 coats of Pink Friday by OPI.

Again, 1 coat would have been fine, but I wanted to add a bit of depth.

The glitter was a little tricker to get on the brush. I could easily get the small hex glitter onto my nail, but the larger hex glitters were very difficult to get on my brush. I ended up having to dab the hex glitter off the stem of the brush. I didn't really care too much, but it's just something to be aware of.

This is my favourite of the 4. This is G11-1, the purple polish.

This is a light purple base with pink, purple, blue, yellow green, orange large hex glitter and small purple and pink hex glitter.

I used 2 coats over 2 coats of Go Ginza by Essie.

This one needed 2 coats. It was really difficult to get glitter on my brush, as you can tell from the brush shot! I put the bottle upside down, swirled the brush around... tried everything and I had the hardest time getting the large hex glitter out!!

Again I had to dab the glitter on the stem of the brush onto my nail just to get anything on there.

It was totally worth it though, I love this colour combo!!

The last one I tried is G11-3, the blue polish.

It's a gorgeous sky blue with pink, purple and yellow large hex glitter and orange, purple, yellow and green small hex glitter.

I used 2 for the swatch over 2 coats of Essie Blossom Dandy. Blossom Dandy is much more of a mint shade and much lighter.

Again, it was tricky to get the large hex glitter out. As you can see from the brush shot, it's very easy to get the small hex glitter out. I had to dab the large ones off the stem of the brush.

I think this is a really fun shade and something you don't see too often in the indie world.

The other 2 colours I haven't swatched yet are a yellow and a peach.

I'm really impressed with these polishes, I know I used a base underneath them, but I think they're stunning! I had some issues with the larger hex glitter, but I didn't really mind the extra effort. Especially because I bought a set of 6 for only £9.95!!


  1. These look like indie nail polishes! Really liking the white one :)

    1. That's what I thought too! The white is the one I saw on IG and knew I had to have haha xx