Monday, 25 May 2015

Freckles Polish Swatch & Review

Freckles Polish is a UK based hand made, cruelty free indie brand created by Julieann. All polishes are either 3 free or 4 free. They've just had their first anniversary in March.

I have four polishes from the new Back To The 80s collection due to be released on Saturday the 30th of May.

There are 8 polishes in the collection. Four neon shades and 4 complimenting holos. Spoiler alert.. I'm in love! And I'm definitely getting the other 4 shades when they're released.

I received the pink and green. There is also a yellow and yellow holo, and a purple and purple holo.

First up is Jelly Shoes.

I know I'm not really supposed to start off with my favourite but I literally couldn't help it. This is SO bright and beautiful and I instantly fell in love. In fact, I didn't want to take it off!

This is a neon pink. It's a different shade of neon and exactly what I was looking for this summer. It's a darker toned pink than other neons I own.

The closest shade I have in my collection is Essie Bottle Service, but this is much brighter. I've also compared it to Glow With The Flow by China Glaze, which is much cooler toned.

More info and swatches after the jump! 

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

The first coat is a little sheer and you can definitely see my visible nail line. It has a very even coverage without any streaks.

The second coat covers my nail line completely. It's just as bright in the bottle as it is on my nails, so no white base is needed!

It dries very quick with a matte finish so I applied topcoat to the swatch.

Studio Lighting

Next up is Stilettos, the accompanying holo.

This is almost as bright as Jelly Shoes but a slightly darker shade of pink.

The thing that stood out to me the most is that it doesn't have any kind of grey cast. Most coloured holographic polishes are very grey because of the holo pigment, but this is still very bright.


I used 2 coats for the swatch.

It has the same formula as Jelly Shoes.

The first coat is slightly sheer, but a very even coverage without any streaks. It's fully opaque on 2 coat.

It dries quickly, smooth and matte.

I used topcoat for the swatch.

Direct Sunlight

The holo is very apparent. In artificial light you can see some sparkle, but once it hits the sun it's in your face holo.

I swatched in the evening and kept this on over night. In the morning my bedroom gets the sun and I was amazing at how bright and holo it was at the same time. I instantly got my camera out... at about 7 in the morning!!

Direct Sunlight

The other neon is called Glo Worm.

I don't even know how to describe this one. It's a super bright grass green. It's very warm toned, but definitely no where near a lime green.

I've compared it to China Glaze Treble Maker, which is much more blue toned, and Models Own Flip Flop which is much more yellow. It's right in the middle. but MUCH more neon than Treble Maker.

I used 3 coats for the swatch.

This is much more sheer than Jelly Shoes. I was a little worried on the first coat. It was a little uneven, but I think that was more my application than the polish.

On the second coat I could still see a slight nail line, but on 3 coats it was fully opaque.

It dried very quick and to a matte finish so I applied a topcoat to the swatch.

Studio Lighting

The holo to compliment Glo Worm is Pogo Stick.

This is a super bright neon green with tons of holo. It's a slightly darker colour, but just as bright.

Again, even though it is holographic, it doesn't have a grey cast to it.

Direct Sunlight

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

It had the same formula as Stilettos. It's sheer on the first coat but the second coat covers everything up.

It's much more opaque than Glo Worm.

It dries quick and matte with a smooth finish. I applied topcoat to the swatch.


Direct Sunlight
These are the four colours I received from Julieann part of the Back To The 80's Collection. The collection launches THIS Saturday the 30th of May. You can buy them from their Etsy page. The minis cost £3.50 and the full size (10ml) cost £6.50.

Check out Freckles Polish's Instagram and Facebook for more information!

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