Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Models Own Sweet Shop - Gumball and Liquorish Allsorts

When Models Own released their new Sweet Shop collection I knew I wanted them. Then I found out they were scented and wanted them even more. Then I found out there was a liquorice fragrance. I couldn't resist. Liquorice is my all time favourite sweet in the whole world.

I'm really proud of myself for only buying two out of 5. I much prefer creme polishes and the other 3 had glitters/flakies in it.

First up is Gumball. It's a super glossy and opaque hot pink that smells of bubblegum. Can it get any better?

I'm always very impressed with the formula on Models Own nail polishes and this was no exception. I used two coats for the swatch. And look at that glossiness!! I didn't use a top coat!

It smells super sweet, but it isn't overwhelming. I always kind of forget about the scent, until I brush my hair out of my face or apply mascara or something. It's always a pleasant surprise!

The colour itself isn't very unique, but you can never have enough hot pinks!

The second nail polish is Liquorish Allsorts. Another super glossy, opaque and scented polish.

The formula is just as amazing as Gumball, I used two easy coats for the swatch. And it's so so glossy! I love it!

It smells exactly like liquorice. I can eat liquorice all day everyday and not get tired of it.. maybe fat.. but I'll never have enough.

Again, the colour isn't the most unique, it's an opaque black. I used to always think black polish was very gothic, but it doesn't have to be at all! Sometimes it's nice to have black nails, but it's also great for nail art!

What do you think of the new Sweet Shop collection? Have you tried out any of the other three polishes?
xx Elaine

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