Monday, 25 August 2014

Abstract Nail Art

One of my favourite style of nail art is abstract. It always looks so interesting and you can do just about anything and it'll look great! For this design I was inspired by the amazing @kt_tk1 on Instagram, but I gave it my own twist.

I used OPI Red Lights Ahead... Where?, Alpine Snow and my black Barry M nail art pen. I also used some chevron nail art stencils from Nail Mail on Etsy.

I started off painting my index finger and pinky red. I love OPI Red Lights Ahead... Where? from the Holland Collection. I'm Dutch so am obviously going to be biased for the whole collection. This is such a creamy red that's super opaque. I painted my middle and ring finger both white using Alpine Snow. Once that fully dried, I taped off half of my middle finger and painted it red. I used the chevron nail art stencils on my middle finger. I carefully applied them and painted over them using RLAW. When the nail polish was still wet, I slowly pulled them off, following the zigzag.

I then used my Barry M nail art pen and drew a diagonal line on my middle finger. I used a tiny nail art brush to draw the design.

What do you think of the result?
xx Elaine

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