Sunday, 21 June 2015

Shop Eighty4 Pastel Neon Flowers Nail Art

My blog mainly focuses on swatches and reviews, however I also have an instagram (@elaine.nails) which also includes a lot of nail art!

I love nail art, but I go through phases where I take a brake and just paint my nails 1 colour. Right now.. I'm in a nail art phase!

I created this pastel neon gradient floral nail art design using Barry M and Shop Eighty4 nail polishes.

I started off creating an all black and white floral design.

I used Barry M Cotton as a white base.

This is my favourite white polish and even though it's still relatively new to my collection, you can already see a clear usage line.

With careful application this is opaque in just 1 coat! So it's great to use under nail art. If I wear the polish alone I'll usually use 2 coat, but under a gradient or other design I use 1 to save time and layers.

I then used the Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black to add some flowers. I just placed 5 dots in a circle to make a flower. Super easy.

I really liked the design but felt like it needed some colour.

I decided to add a gradient on my index and pinky finger used 3 pastel neons from Shop Eighty4.

I used Cotton Candy (pink), Lasha Lavender (purple) and Powder Puff (blue).

To create the gradient I used a white base of Barry M Cotton and applied a topcoat so the polish won't pull up with the gradient.

I applied the 3 colours onto a cosmetic sponge. I buy mine from Primark, the cheapest seem to work best for me! I then dabbed it onto my nails. I applied 2-3 "coats".

I also used a dotting tool to add colour to the centre of the flowers using the same colours as the gradient.

I finished it all off with a topcoat. I use a fast drying topcoat from Hema. It's amazing.

I really love this design, it's super easy to create and great for the spring.

xx Elaine

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