Monday, 9 February 2015

Zoya Dream

Zoya Dream, Aurora and Storm are probably the most talked about Zoya nail polishes. Everyone is always recommending them so I finally decided to purchase all three... :)

The hype around these nail polishes is totally worth it. They're amazing!!

Zoya Dream is a blue jelly polish packed with scattered holographic glitter. In the sun (or with a flash) the holographic glitter pops off the nails and it looks incredible!

On a cloudy day Dream is equally beautiful. It looks like a blue squishy galaxy. The glitters look silver and the polish looks like it has so much depth because of the jelly consistency.

One of the best things (apart from the colour, holo and jelly) is the fact that it dries completely glossy. For the photos I didn't add a top coat! Most glitter polishes have a very gritty textured finish and require 2 or 3 coats of top coat to smooth it all out. This isn't like that at all!

And because it doesn't have that gritty texture, it is also very easy to remove! If only every glitter nail polish could be like this...

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