Saturday, 7 March 2015

Free Nails Inc with Marie Claire

This month Marie Claire magazine is giving away 4 Nails Inc nail polishes! Yes... I bought the same magazine 4 times....

I think Nails Inc is a great brand. The majority of  my polishes actually came from magazines or toothpaste. Not only can you always get freebies, the quality of the nail polishes are fantastic too! One of the nails polishes that came with the Optic White toothpaste I ended up wearing to my brothers wedding!

Anyway, back to the point. These are the four freebies! Very springy.

First up is Fizz. Fizz is a stunning very light pastel pink. It's one of the lightest pinks I own with a creme formula.

I only needed 2 coats for the swatch! It's a very opaque formula, but not thick at all. The first coat was only slightly streaky and if you do a thicker coat you can probably get away with just one.

I didn't use top coat.

The second colour is Fiesta. This is a bright raspberry pink! This isn't the most unique polish, but it's another great formula.

I find that Nails Inc polishes practically apply themselves. I never have issues with flooding my cuticles or getting an uneven line around my cuticles.

I used 1 coat for the swatch and no top coat.

Next up is Festival. This is the least spring-like nail polish of the bunch, but I guess if you're in a neutral mood this'll be great.

It's a a pretty brown. I kind of know how to describe colours, but a brown is a brown. It's not too dark or too light. It's more warm toned than a taupe, but not orangey.

Another amazing formula and I only needed 1 coat.

The last colour is Fashion. This is Fizz's little brother. It's another very light pastel but this is a blue/purple/grey shade. I think it's a very unique colour and best of all... it's a ONE coater!

I only applied 1 coat for the swatch and no top coat.

It's another very opaque formula, just like Fizz, but I had no streakiness with this one.

Again I'm in love with all the freebies. Nails Inc retails for £11 and Marie Claire is £3.99. I'm happy Nails Inc has decided to include some unique shades rather than all the reds.

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