Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ms Sparkle Burlesque Glossary Swatch & Review

Today I have two polishes to show you from the Burlesque Glossary Collection from Ms Sparkle. Ms Sparkle is a Dutch 5 free, cruelty free, vegan and EU certified indie nail polish brand. Cruelty free make-up and nail polish has become a very current issue, and I completely agree that animals should not be harmed for the beauty of women.

Ms Sparkle is run by Simone who hand blends all of her nail polishes from scratch creating unique combinations. I'm Dutch, so being able to review these Dutch nail polishes is really exciting for me.

The Burlesque Glossary Collection consists of 6 different duo and multi chrome polishes. I have Tassels and Merkin.

First up is Tassels. When I opened the parcel I wasn't 100% sure about this colour. In the bottle it looks like a strange mix of green, gold and orangey salmon.

I applied the polish over a black base, as shown on Simone's Instagram page. It completely transformed the colour. It went from this strange combination to the most beautiful green and blue duo chrome goodness.

I applied one coat of Models Own Liquorish All Sorts and then two coats of Tassels. The formula was really easy to work with. Even though it's a shimmery formula, you don't see any brush strokes. It applied evenly and dried very quickly. Although you don't need a second coat, I found adding a second coat enhanced the duo chrome effect even more.

When you're looking directly at your nails, they look like a bright green shimmer - like my pinky in the photo to the left. When you tilt your nails into different directions however it changes into a gorgeous aqua. The change was harder to capture on camera than it was in real life.

Like I mentioned before, the colour completely changes once it's applied over a black base. I wanted to show the difference so my thumb made a very rare appearance! On my thumb I applied three coats of the polish straight onto my nail. Isn't it a huge difference??

Although the colour is nice on its own, I definitely recommend a black base. Not only did it transform the colour, it also made it pop so much more!

The second nail polish from the Burlesque Glossary collection is Merkin. The multi chrome effect on this one is much more apparent. It changes from this bright fuchsia pink to a warm toned golden orange. It also flashes purple at some angles.

I applied 3 thin coats over black to get the full effect. Merkin is more of a microglitter type of nail polish, where Tassels is a micro shimmer. Because it was glittery it was harder to get fully opaque and cover all the black polish underneath.

That being said I really like the effect it creates.

The photo to the right shows the various different colours: pink, purple, red and orange.
This colour is much closer to how it looks in the bottle, but of course I had to test it out without a black base.

Again, the black base completely alters the colour. Without the base it's very orangey and doesn't have much of a multi chrome effect. The black base gives it this amazing fuchsia glow that transforms into a warm golden shine.

I'm really impressed by Tassels and Merkin from the Burlesque Glossary collection from Ms Sparkle. From the two I probably prefer Tassels, I like that it has a shimmery finish and the transformation in incredible! If this wasn't day 1 of my no buy month, I would definitely buy the rest of the collection!

Check out Ms Sparkles Etsy store for more info and other gorgeous nail polishes. She ships worldwide!

xx Elaine

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